Lightning Fast Access
To Your Attachment

with an inbox specially designed to take your attachments on the move. Whether you have thousands or millions of attachments in your email, we can help you get in control.

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All Your Attachments
In One Place

Manage attachments from all your email accounts in one place. Duplicate attachments are automatically detected and consolidated. Most major email providers are supported.

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Fast And Relevant

Search only attachments. Not entire emails. Get to releveant attachments fast.

If you have thousands of attachments, this will tremendously boost your productivity.

Do More With
Your Attachments

Send, SMS, Share or Print your Attachments, directly from within the app.

Share & Track

Send attachments the old school way through email. Get notified when attachment has been download.

Share the attachment by SMS, WhatsApp, twitter, facebook and other social media platforms. Track downloads across social media.

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